What is FlindersFury Sports and Fitness all about? Well, there is a pretty big hint in the title, so you'd be forgiven for thinking it was about anything else other than, well, sports and keeping fit and active!

The author is a qualified nutritionist as well as being an avid sports fan. He used to play rugby union at amateur level until he was forced to hang up his boots several years ago when the pain of arthritis in his joints got too bad (along with advancing age that is something that creeps up on us all).

That doesn't mean he has stopped being active though!

Through a healthy diet and relaxed fitness routines, he has continued to remain active in later life. He does that by walking several miles every day up and down the hilly landscape around his home with some slow jogging where possible.

He also spends some time in the gym every day doing light exercises that do not impact the joints. While he's not out in the open air, he likes to write on physical health issues which prompted him to acquire and now maintain this website.

He prefers to keep his privacy intact which is why there is no mention of his name or any personal details available on this site. Sorry if you wanted to get more up close and personal, but hey, we're not all like that!