Working on your fitness is the surest way to maintaining your body in peak condition. This part of the site deals with getting and staying fit, healthy and happy. So to get us into the swing of things, let's take a look at some of the angles that I'll be coming from here.

Of course, before you can work on staying fit, you have to get there first which usually means working out as often as possible and generally exercising as much as you can. Over time your body and its amazing muscular system will do what it's designed to do and reward your hard work with getting you into great shape!

Getting Back to Fitness and Health

When you've been a long time taking it easy and not really looking after yourself properly, your health may well have deteriorated a little and your fitness levels will have dropped considerably. It will have gotten worse the longer you have left things.

This can happen as we grow older, maybe have allowed ten years or so get past us without really noticing that we have not been doing all we could to keep ourselves physically fit. Or it can happen when we are younger but swapped playing football in the park for playing computer games for hours on end, day after day.

Turn Yourself Around

fitnessThen it is time to start looking at ways of turning things around and working our way back to that level of fitness that we used to enjoy. Whether it was when we were younger, or before we became quite so addicted to those games consoles, either way it means getting active once again.

Taking the first steps to fitness are usually the toughest especially if we have really gotten out of shape. Exercise seems to be really hard and we can find ourselves getting out of breath really fast. This is no reason to quit early, because all things take time and as long as we give ourselves time to adjust to exercising again, then gradually we will get back to fitness.

The Magic Key

The key to making it work without problems is to start slowly and gently ease ourselves back into things. Doing warm up stretching exercises is a good way to prepare and then only do light exercises to start with.

Each day, we can then build upon the previous day's efforts by doing a little more. We can start including more varied exercises into our daily routine as we build so that a short run can be coupled with some weight training, stepping and cycling and even swimming. Eventually we will return to full fitness and feel great again!

Maintaining Your Level of Fitness

Now that you've gotten there, you can't just sit back and start taking things easy. You have to now maintain your body's physical peak at the level you've spent all that time working so hard to achieve.

The simple way of thinking here is to keep exercising on a daily basis if you can, or if not then as often as you can without encroaching too much on your working and social life. There are plenty of ways in which you can do this and each main type is discussed in its own article as you'll find at the end of this page.

I don't really want to go into detail here since that can be done in the related articles, but to give you an overview, the best policy is to keep doing what you've been doing to get yourself to this place in your physical regime. So for example, if you've been running, then keep running. It's really that simple.

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