Boosting Energy

There are many ways in which a person can boost their energy levels. Some of the most effective ways are through the many different exercise disciplines that exist when coupled with a healthy diet and a positive mental attitude.

This article will take a look at the main areas where a person can elevate their energy levels. Specifically through types of exercise while increasing the effect by including other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.


energyMost forms of exercise, when done on a regular basis will naturally increase the body's energy levels during the day, while resulting in a more relaxed, beneficial sleep at night. This is because when forcing the muscles to work hard through a variety of exercise disciplines, they use ever more energy to perform the work as they grow in mass and strength.

The amazing benefit of this process is that it doesn't stop when you stop. When the body appears to be at rest from an outward viewpoint, there is still a lot of work going on inside that most people are unaware of.

Muscle Building

When a person sleeps after a good workout, their muscles are repaired and new muscle cells created to replace those that were damaged or destroyed during the day's work. This repair and rejuvenation process uses energy and in this sense, the person is actually losing weight in their sleep.

That's because the energy used to affect these repairs must be taken from the body's store of fat, as no new nutrients are coming into the body through food as all eating and metabolizing food has ceased some time ago.

It is at night when a person sleeps that the bulk of the muscle repair and growth is undertaken by the body, because it is when the muscles are at rest that they can best be rejuvenated by the body's natural repair processes. During the daytime, an active person will be using and building muscle groups making it more difficult for the body to make on-the-fly repairs.

Alternatives to Exercise

There are some alternatives to exercise that will similarly increase a body's energy levels, although not to such a great extent as raw physical activity.

Strangely enough, meditation, deep breathing and relaxation techniques such as yoga can boost energy levels through the latent use of muscles. When combined with periods of exercise, this can become a very powerful combination for fitness and vitality.


Your energy and vitality levels can be affected by what you eat.

A diet high in carbohydrates, saturated fats and refined sugars will lead to feelings of tiredness, lethargy and loss of energy. This is because the body reacts to ingestion of high levels of these food sources with an insulin response that carries away all the excess sugars to be stored as fat.

Balancing a diet with a roughly even balance of proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and dietary fiber, while making sure the body is sufficiently hydrated with plain water is the best way to boost energy levels.

This is because the body is better able to digest a more rounded, balanced diet and take what it need in nutrients while not having so much work to do in storing fats and producing high levels of insulin.

The levels and portion sizes of food will differ from men to women, since men tend to have greater muscle mass and therefore require more fuel.

This can be seen in many commercial diets where there are different plans for men and women. As an example, the "Nutrisystem for Men" plans contain more calories per day than the corresponding "Nutrisystem for Women" plans.

Mental Attitude

Believe it or not, a person's predominant mental attitude and thought patterns can affect the body's physical levels of energy and vitality. By ensuring that the predominant mental state is upward facing, positive, happy and upbeat, the body will follow suit by reacting in a positive, upward way and increasing its metabolism.

The defining mental state can actually influence the body's secretion of certain hormones responsible for mood such as serotonin. A happier mind will promote a happier physiology, more resistant to illness and disease and stronger, longer lived cells.

Conversely, if the mental state is negative, downward facing, downbeat and melancholy, the body reacts by slowing down its metabolism. The body become more susceptible to contracting illness through a depressed immune system.

The immune system becomes depressed and cells die sooner and in greater numbers, while hormone secretion is similarly suppressed affecting the person's mood and even initiating signs of depression and melancholia.

So make sure you stay positive, happy and upbeat and your body will follow suit. Keep active and eat a balanced diet while drinking plenty of plain water throughout the day and you will be amazed at how well your body will respond with better health, more energy and vitality and a more positive outlook.