Swimming for Fitness

Many people who want to work on their body's fitness levels look to the gym as the most obvious solution, but there are others like swimming that are enjoyable as well as effective alternatives that are worth investigating. From the perspective of muscle work and stamina boosting, this can be an excellent discipline as well as a useful adjunct to any good physical training system.

In this article, I will take a look at the advantages of swimming for fitness. That's because even though it is one of those things that is usually staring everyone in the face, surprisingly few actually take it up as a meaningful way to improve their physique while also losing some excess weight.

Amazing Way to Build Muscle Strength and Stamina

swimSwimming as an exercise form is one of the best there is for making just about every muscle in the body do some form of work or assist major muscle groups do their work to propel your body along through the water without going under. It is the repetitions of movements that make swimming such a valuable way of keeping fit.

It works by improving muscle strength and stamina and toning up your entire body to get that great, slim look that so many dieters strive for but fail to achieve. They fail simply because you cannot tone up your body without doing any exercise!

Diet v Exercise to Lose Weight

Dieters generally tend to rely just on their diet to lose weight. That is fine and works for most people, especially in the short term because the restrictions in calories force the body to use its store of fat to continue normal functioning and get them through an average day. What they don't bank on is that if they lead sedentary lifestyles, their metabolism will gradually slow down to match the limited number of calories coming in, so the weight loss will slow and eventually come to a halt.

The weight can often even gradually begin to rise again as the body comes to be used to working on fewer calories thanks to enforced muscle wastage. The reasoning behind this is that with smaller, weaker muscles, the body does not need so many calories to continue to function normally.

Exercise for a Better Body

When you exercise, you approach weight loss from a whole different perspective. Instead of restricting calories coming in, you force the body to burn more calories by working the muscle groups harder so they will demand more fuel.

This has the same effect of forcing the body to supply that fuel from the fat stores and so reduce body weight, but the big difference is that the muscles grow stronger because of this and therefore demand ever more fuel to keep working.

Swim and Improve

When we swim regularly and for long enough, that process is given a real booster because so many muscle groups are exercised and worked hard by the swimming movements of the body that a greater amount of fuel is expended and must be provided by the body for continued work. This depletes the fat store faster and has a double edged positive effect on the body.

The reduction in fat cells means the skin tones up and any flabby areas also become more taut, while the stronger and more powerful muscle groups pull in the body further to produce that lithe, fit and trim shape that you probably haven't had since you were a teenager (assuming that you were an active teenager and not one of those young couch potatoes who did no exercise and lived on hamburgers).


The added bonus is that as long as you keep up your exercises (in this case keep swimming regularly) your diet needn't be restrictive and while you can't just eat whatever you want, you can enjoy a more varied diet. However, be aware that if you eat enough cream cakes, no amount of swimming will work it all off!

You can include many of the things that dieters would be horrified to see on their menus and not have to worry that the extra calories are going to bust your diet. This is because you are not relying on diet to stay looking slim, trim and healthy.

Exercise in the form of swimming is doing that for you!

If you're looking for an alternative to the plates of green leaves and food portions too small to keep a bird alive, then consider going swimming and make that your prime means of not only losing weight but getting fit and healthy too. You'll be surprised at the great results while you end up with a form of exercise that is enjoyable and even fun to do!