There is always a lot of activity in the media over different sports and sporting events. But the big names and the big money seem to gravitate to football (soccer), football (NFL), basketball, baseball, hockey etc.

Something like amateur park sporting games rarely get any coverage apart from on local TV stations or small networks. But that doesn't mean that no one is interested in playing them!

Raising Awareness of Casual Sporting Activities

While it may not have the glamor and pizzazz that some sports have, whatever you and some friends can put together at your local park or sports ground is still a great form of entertainment and fun. The general idea is to get together and get playing an activity that just about anyone can get involved in.

It could be as simple as doing stuff like throwing the frisbee between two people or to your dog in the local park. Or it could be being a participant at a larger amateur event (at least the kind of multi-sports event that includes all kinds of lesser known sports competitions), there is something in it for everyone!

Work Those Muscles

A big part of being fit and at your correct body weight is making sure your muscles get plenty of work to do each day. It's the muscle tissue that burns energy when it is forced to do work, so it makes pretty good common sense that the harder and longer you work your muscles, the more energy they will burn.

For anyone who is not too sure about this and is looking at it from the viewpoint of a dieter, then it's necessary to know that energy is measured in units that we know of as calories. So the more energy your muscles are burning, the more calories you are using up.

Now it makes sense because you are eating a diet that limits the number of calories your body can consume through food.

You now that you must eat fewer calories than your body burns in order to lose weight, since it also makes sense that you should get a good muscle workout every day as well as eating a low calorie diet. That is the best way of coming at the problem of losing weight from both sides at once.

You restrict the number of calories you body can have in a day, while exercising to force your muscles to use more calories and create a big negative difference. The bigger the difference, the more energy your body must supply your muscles from its store of fat.

That way you can speed up weight loss because you are using up the stored fat faster and bringing about a reduction in overall body weight, which is what you are aiming for. The best part about exercising while you are dieting is that you not only lose fat, but you get to tone up your body as well.

This gives you a better shape and a great look because you gain muscle while losing fat. And of course a better figure is perfect for sliding into those great new clothes you bought to celebrate losing all those excess pounds the right way!

Getting Enough Exercise to Be Fit

It may be one thing to sit down with a great collection of tips on how you are going to get fit and reading them over and over, but it is another thing entirely to get up off that seat and start doing them! It may come as no great surprise that a great many people who want to improve their fitness levels and have decided upon taking up an exercise program as part of their strategy never get past the planning stage!

The trick is, of course to get yourself motivated to get started on your own exercise program and make sure that you stay with it so that it does you a lot of good. Reading a bunch of exercise tips is a good way to learn what it is that you need to be doing, but its the doing stage that provides all the benefits!

Stop Reading and Start Doing!

So on to the part where you actually get yourself into the swing of things and you have kicked off your exercise program. You are being sensible by starting slowly, especially if you have not done any exercise for a while, as your body needs to adjust to the extra work that it will be made to do.

This is especially important the older you are, because it gets harder to make that adjustment as you advance in years, although you will still get there, albeit a little slower than a younger person. After all, you don't want to over extend yourself and then end up in hospital with a strain injury or worse, a heart attack or stroke!

After a while you should be increasing the level of your exercises to provide you with more calorie burning energy and stamina. This is the real trick to using exercise to lose weight while you're getting fitter.

While it doesn't matter so much the kind of exercise you are doing, whether it be running, weight training or dancing to the Zumba fitness program, or using home fitness equipment such as a stepper machine or elliptical trainer for example. It is in getting enough of it so that your body has to use some of its fat store to provide the energy it needs to keep the muscles working.

Once you have reached that stage, it's all downhill as far as the scales are concerned, as well as your dress measurements. While up goes your physical strength, stamina and ability to do more of it, while enjoying yourself at the same time.