Most Effective Protein Powder Supplement for Muscle Gain

Have you noticed that some protein powders are in great demand, while others are not? It's because not all brands of protein supplement are made equal. Some are deliberately produced to provide different enhancements in certain areas of fitness, while others tend to be more generally applied.

muscle buildingIn this article, I will tell you straight what actually are the best of the best protein supplements and how and where to get your hands on them! You'll also discover a lot about the many different kinds of this highly valued sports supplement and why some are simply better than others at doing their job of supplying amazing results in the areas they target.

Set Your Target

But before we delve into this fascinating subject, you need to identify one major factor for it to be completely useful to you. What is that? I will tell you!

It is that you have to know what it is that you really want from the supplementation of protein in terms of how you want to affect your body's fitness and physical appearance! So ask your self this question and be completely honest with yourself:

What do you really want to achieve?

Why Supplement with Protein Powder?

Once you know what you want or what your specific needs are with regard to your particular sports discipline or training schedule, you can start looking at the best solutions for you. If you need to boost your performance, increase your body's muscle repair and building abilities and give yourself more of what you already have, then you need additional protein.

NOTE: I can tell you that you need to be training regularly for this to have any real effect. So anyone who might be reading this and thinking they can get on easy street to a better body just by taking this stuff, forget it. Get to the gym and start working out first!

In order to build muscle tissue mass, your body needs a good supply of proteins from your diet. You can get that from eating a naturally high protein diet including red meat, egg whites, some nuts and pulses and dairy products.

How Do You get All That Inside You?

The problem is that you have to eat a heck of a lot to provide all the protein your body needs to build the amount of muscle mass that you need to workout and train at the highest level. We're talking competitive level here.

If you want to stand any chance of competing against the best in your field, you MUST build strong muscles. You need to do that in order to go up against your competitors and stand any chance of beating them!

Eating is often not enough, no matter how much food you can consume. Your body likely won't be able to cope with so much food in any case.

Traditionally, only way to increase your protein intake without unrealistically increasing the bulk of food you needed to eat was to eat a lot of egg whites.

Eggs and More Eggs

Egg whites (albumen) are very high in protein, but are gross to eat when you have to consume sufficient levels to provide all your needs. The other problem was that when you eat a lot of egg whites daily, you can suffer from painful constipation. Not exactly what you need when you're trying to lift weights!

A better alternative was discovered in whey. Whey is one of the highest forms of natural protein, but the problem was the same as with egg whites in how you get enough of it into your system without throwing up!

A Better Alternative

The solution came in the process to powder the whey product into a pure form that can be taken mixed with water or skimmed milk as a shake. The suppliers of bodybuilding products were first to realize the potential for this product and it soon went on sale as a body bulking product for building muscle.

Best of all is that when it's mixed with a flavoring such as chocolate, strawberry or banana, it is easy to take in the form of a really tasty shake. The big plus here is because it tastes good so there's also the increased enjoyment factor that is added to its massive appeal amongst fitness instructors, athletes, bodybuilders and people who just want to build themselves up some.

Is This the Best Protein Powder Supplement for Men?

quattro 90 protein powderMost of these muscle gain powders are basic whey derivative, but there are various strengths available. Some contain protein levels as high as 80%, while the best powders are 90%.

Quattro 90 Plus (pictured right) is 90% protein comprised of four separate substances to maximize the body's absorption of this important substance it needs to build and repair muscle tissue at maximum power. These are:

  1. Whey Protein Isolate
  2. Pure Pasteurized Egg Whites
  3. Micellar Caesin
  4. Soy Protein

When these four forms are combined in one handy and easy to take product, you are absolutely getting the absolute best of the best. This provides the perfect type of nourishment for your muscles to repair overnight when you sleep and thereby grow both in size and in strength.

This is exactly what you really want to hear, right?

Quattro 90 Plus comes in four great flavors to make easy to swallow shakes that you can take up to four times a day if needs be. It provides everything you could want to help you level that playing field and compete with the best in your chosen field.

So now you know what you need, do you know what you want?

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